Texas to Stock Thousands of Rainbow Trout in…

Texas to Stock Thousands of Rainbow Trout in 185 Ponds, Lakes & Rivers Across the State
Posted on: 11/20/19

The Texas Parks and Wildlife Department begins stocking thousands of easy to catch, tasty rainbow trout in 185 ponds, lakes and rivers across the state Nov. 26. For urban and suburban families in major cities, Neighborhood Fishin’ lakes offer some of the best opportunities to catch rainbow trout this winter. TPWD manages 18 Neighborhood Fishin’ lakes statewide in most major urban centers, including… READ MORE

Waterfowl Hunters and Outdoorsmen: Its Time …

Waterfowl Hunters and Outdoorsmen: Its Time to Check the Ice Before Venturing Out
Posted on: 11/20/19

With winter weather is several parts of the country. Its time for waterflow hunters, fishermen and all outdoorsmen to check the lakes and rivers for ice. Hypothermia is the leading cause of death with winter activities. When Trying to determine if the ice is safe for your or your dog try using this chart as a ’guideline’ in your research… READ MORE

South Dakota Proposes Length Restriction for…

South Dakota Proposes Length Restriction for Flathead Catfish
Posted on: 11/18/19

The South Dakota Game, Fish and Parks (GFP) Commission proposed a change to harvest restrictions for flathead catfish. The change would limit anglers to only one flathead catfish 28 inches or longer per day as part of the daily limit, statewide. This proposal originated via the public petition process. Individuals can comment online or to comment in person, the public hearing will be held Dec 12 at… READ MORE

Millions of Shad Stocked in Arkansas LakesPo…

Millions of Shad Stocked in Arkansas Lakes
Posted on: 11/15/19

More than 4 million threadfin shad have been raised in hatchery locations and nursery ponds throughout the year, and most of those shad have been released into Arkansas lakes in the last month. Threadfin shad are a favorite forage of many game fish such as bass, walleye and crappie. While plentiful in many lakes, these oily morsels can be in short supply if the predator/prey relationship in a body of water is thrown out of balance. There is no silver bullet for improving populations of sportfish, however… READ MORE

LWFC Approves New WMA and Wildlife Refuge Ar…

LWFC Approves New WMA and Wildlife Refuge Areas
Posted on: 11/15/19

The Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission (LWFC) approved a resolution adding 1,475 acres to Maurepas Swamp Wildlife Management Area (WMA) and approved a resolution that converts Queen Bess Island to a Louisiana state wildlife refuge.  Maurepas Swamp WMA: The addition of the property will give Maurepas Swamp 119,204 acres west and south of Lake Maurepas. Queen Bess Island Wildlife Refuge: Queen Bess Island is a 37-acre island located near… READ MORE

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