Using a Jake decoy

Using a Jake decoy

Hi guys,

First year hunter here. Been bow hunting out of a blind with two hens about 12 yards out from our spot.

2 weeks into the season (Ontario, Canada) and I’m having an issue getting gobblers all the way into my decoys. They all seem to hang up at around 60-80 yards and don’t want to come any closer.

I had one Tom that was visibly henned up, and another that was gobbling about 50 yards away (in response to calls) but I never got a visual on him so I can’t say if he was henned up or not.

Anyways, my question is if a Jake decoy would help my situation at all? I’ve gotten mixed reviews on using one but at this point I feel like provoking the Toms may be my best bet.

Any suggestions?

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Kevin giving the deer some more feed today 👍…

Kevin giving the deer some more feed today 👍🏻 Some @antlerking1 Attract N Fuel does the trick!
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New to Archery – Seeking beginner bow primaril…

New to Archery – Seeking beginner bow primarily for target practice but also bowfishing

Hello and thanks in advance for your helpful answers.

  • I have a 30.1" draw length which requires a 68-70" bow according to Lancaster’s site
  • Am left eye/left arm dominant
  • I’d like a takedown bow to start at a 20 lb. draw weight and move up. The higher the draw weight options the better, just to have the flexibility down the road to use it for hunting if I want to. I’m willing to get another bow later on with a strong enough draw weight if need be
  • Would like it to be compatible with a standalone bowfishing kit because that looks like a super fun sport

I’m new to all this, so if I’m leaving out any vital information please let me know. I’d appreciate some direction as to what bows to consider. I’m having trouble finding many options at 68"+ on Amazon (with most of the options being names I’ve never heard of) and Lancaster’s site has one to select from considering all my parameters, this 70" Galaxy Aspire. But it tops out at a 35lb. draw weight as far as I can tell. I also don’t know how to tell if a bow is compatible with a bowfishing kit.

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Beginner looking for a recurve bow for around …

Beginner looking for a recurve bow for around 100 dollars

As the titel states im quite the beginner but ive always been interested in archery and id like to get in to it.
For now i only want to do it recreationally but might end up hunting in the future as i have been planning on getting a hunting license.
I have shot a 60lbs draw weight recurve bow and that felt quite nice, not too heavy and so im looking for something around 50lbs probably for my first bow, dont know if thats a good idea though so feel free to correct me.
I honestly have no clue which brands are good and bad but id like to purchase a recurve one for around 100 dollars, im fine with whatever quality ill get for that price range.
Ive come across the “Mandarin duck” brand which seems to have okay reviews, specifically their “phantom” bow.

Id love any help and tips yall would be willing to give.

Submitted May 05, 2019 at 04:05AM by iPotatis
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