[Help] I am looking for advice on repairing an…

[Help] I am looking for advice on repairing and restoring an old wood recurve.


I’ve gone over this old Ben Pearson Sherwood and it looks in decent shape other than the delamination on the limb and the finish. No splits. I’ve done some woodworking and feel like I could tackle this repair with some advice/guidance. Right now my steps in my head are:

  1. Re-glue or epoxy the limb back, but what type of glue/epoxy is recommended?
  2. Re-finish by removing with fine grit sandpaper (no chemicals) and sealing. Again, what is recommended?
  3. Break back in bow. I’ve read that old bows need to be re-broken by slowly increasing draw over a few days. True?

Any advice or links is greatly appreciated. I just hope its not a wall hanger. Thanks.

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Clueless wife, need deer hunting bow for husba…

Clueless wife, need deer hunting bow for husband

Hey guys, my husband’s birthday has come and passed, and now that I have money caught up I want to give him a proper gift. He has been talking about getting a better hunting bow, and I’d like to give him one. I have around a $500 budget, could go more if it’s worth it. His current bow is a basic starter compound, can’t look at it without raising suspicion (surprise and all that). His main target is deer. I tried looking through sites and reviews but like with anything, I feel I should look beyond a couple opinions. What would you guys recommend? Any additional information I will try to provide as best I can. Thank you!!

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Pie for the Mountain.


Murkey had spent the day before making sure she had all she needed to make this, wanting it to be sweet but with a hidden kick of bourbon. It was something she had been wanting to bring up to him since their last meeting.  Making a full day of pie crust making to let the tart apples soak up the honey and bourbon cider. The cinnamon adding a kick at the end as she let it cool on the windowsill while she got ready for the travel, knowing this time it wasn’t going to just be a one night stay. Packing warmly but not too much as she only wanted to take one bag for her trip. While yes her horse would carry most she too wanted to make sure his load was light as a bear seamed a heavy thing to bring back from their hunt.

Moving like a worker ant, she got him packed then cleaned the house before closing it up. Placing a note for the axeman that was going to be making a delivery the next day with few apples to exchange for his work she climbed up setting off for the mountains. It wasn’t a bad day for a ride as the cloud overhead were white, fluffy as they moved in the wiping wind. the trees rusted at each passing, yet held their ground as she let set a steady pace. Coming to the spot where a tavern sat she knew how close she was from him. It was the same Inn she so drunkenly left that night, the memory rushed around her as she turned off the mail trail to fallow the other up the mountain.


( @arthur-matthews )

Arthur was outside the house, underneath the wooden canopy that hung over his butchers table. A large cleaver in hand that came slashing down into what looked like a deer carcass. The white apron he wore was stained with blood, both new and old. He cut free the ribs from the animals remains and set them aside

“I think that’ll do for dinner tonight.” he murmured to himself as he set the knife down and looked up at the mid day sun. He wiped his hands on the front of his apron before removing it and hanging it on a near by hook.

“I wonder if that little red head is actually gonna come back…”


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