Shooting a fire arrow for my wonderful mother …

Shooting a fire arrow for my wonderful mother (explanation inside)

The short story is that I have little experience with archery, but I want to shoot a fire arrow into a lake with a diameter of ~ ¼ mile, from ~100 feet from the shoreline. Is there a way from me to do this safely?

The long story is that I want to create a magical experience for my mother. My maternal grandfather died before I was born, and was known to create magical experiences for my mother during her childhood, just like my mother created magical experiences for me. By “magical experience” I mean some special and unexpected event that seems to happen magically. Think about how you felt the first time the tooth fairy took your tooth, and left you some $. Assuming you weren’t a skeptical little 5 year old, you probably felt like it was magic. My mom would, and still does create little experiences like this.

I’ve taken to this habit as well. For example, an acquaintance from work mentioned she really liked bubble wrap. On her birthday later that year, I bought a bubble wrap calendar, plopped it on her desk when no one was looking, and was perfectly happy with her thinking it magically appeared.

Anyway, you’re probably wondering what this has to do with a fire arrow. I promise I’m getting to it.

My mother’s grew up spending her summers in a cabin around at a small lake. Everyone who lives around the lake are part of my mother’s family (the entire surrounding area was owned by a common ancestor). Every year, the family got together for a 4th of July party. At the very end of the party, around twilight, there would be a war cry in the distance, and over everyone’s head, a single flaming arrow was shot into the center of the lake. As the years went by, my mom realized that her father would disappear right before the arrow was shot. I can tell by the way my mom retells the story, that this was something special to her, even when she realized who was firing the arrow.

The 4th of July parties don’t happen every year anymore, and when they do, my mom can’t always attend. However, the next time there is a party, and she can attend, I want her to see the fire arrow shoot through the sky once more. I’m hoping you can help me figure out how to accomplish this safely. I have used a bow a few times in my life, but aside from that I have no experience. The lake is around ¼ mile in diameter, and I’d ideally shoot the arrow up the bank a bit, maybe around 100 ft away from the water. The lake sits on top of a mountain in PA. It’s a heavily wooded area, but there are plenty of places to get a clear shot. I’m a pretty big guy, so I don’t expect physical strength to be a limiting factor.

For the record, I’m not going to do anything unless it can be done in a reasonable and safe manor.

Any ideas?

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